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Murray Ruben
New Product Development and Design Consultant
Mr. Ruben is a seasoned New Product development professional with decades of experience defining, designing, and bringing to market innovative electronics-based products in over a dozen application areas.

In the early '70s, as co-founder of Data Terminal Systems (DTS), Mr. Ruben was the lead technologist responsible for the creation of the "Standalone" Electronic Cash Register and the modern Electronic Point of Sale (POS) industry. Prior to DTS, Mr. Ruben invented a key precision battery-charging technology that enabled the prerequisite Uninterruptible Power Supply technology required by the POS application. In the late '60s, as a senior staff member of the then nascent Digital Equipment Corporation, Mr. Ruben developed the first high-resolution computer graphics display system.

In the mid 70's, as co-founder of Micro Computer Laboratories, Mr. Ruben pioneered the modern Firmware Development System concept for Rockwell International's PPS microcomputer families (the "Assemulator"). Later, at Oasys, Inc., Mr. Ruben led a team of professionals in the creation of one of the first integrated Engineering tools software distribution companies (later sold to SB's own Greenhills Software). Since then, as the president and chief engineer of Ruben Engineering Corporation, Mr. Ruben has assisted a select group of clients in developing innovative technology applicable to Fiber Optic Gyroscopes, LAN interfaces of many flavors, military Satellite Systems, Audio and Manufacturing Test Systems, miniaturized Lithium Ion Battery power packs, an innovative Light Pen interface for the Apple Computer, POS interface technology for IBM 4683 Series Cash Registers, and many others. Mr. Ruben recently assisted a client miniaturize and modernize their Spectrographic and Analytic instrument product families.

Currently, Mr. Ruben is co-leading an effort to introduce advanced kW scale Li-Ion automotive batteries and their associated electronic Battery Management Units into Military avionics applications. This is believed to be one of the most advanced development efforts of its type. Upon successful completion of this effort, the entire Avionics market will become accessible to these Li-Ion and electronic control technologies.

The technologies developed for the Li-Ion avionics application are also applicable to many other motive type market segments. Inquiries are invited from interested parties.

Mr. Ruben graduated at the top of his class from City College of NY with a BSEE magna cum laude. He then attended MIT under a full National Science Foundation fellowship, where he earned the MSEE and professional EE degrees. A strong committment to life long contining education has kept Mr. Ruben up to date as electronics and software technologies have continued to evolve. Mr. Ruben is a Senior IEEE Member and author of seven patents, with several more likely to be filed shortly.

Mr. Ruben moved to the Santa Barbara area in 2004, where he served on the Board of the SB Newcomers Club (SBNC) for nearly three years. Mr Ruben is also currently assisting the local IEEE chapter in its reorganization efforts. Previously, he was very involved in community affairs in his former home town of Belmont, MA, where he served in several environmental and land conservation leadership roles, and became an effective elected Town Meeting Member.

Recognizing the unique challenges of running volunteer businesses such as the SBNC, Mr. Ruben has developed a modern web-centric relational database website for the SBNC to vastly improve its operational efficiency and dramatically reduce the number of volunteer hours, and volunteer skill levels, to successfully manage the organization. This technology will shortly be packaged and offered to other volunteer organizations at no or nominal cost. Inquiries are invited from interested parties.